Divrei Torah from our Kollel

Parshas Shemos – Worth the Wait

“His sister [Miriam] stationed herself at a distance to know what would be done with him [Moshe.]”  (Shemos 2:4) Fine. Big deal. The older sister watched and waited to see what would become of her baby brother’s treacherous journey down the Nile. Wouldn’t you do the...

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Parshas Vayigash – All for One

trifecta (trīˈfektə/), noun: a run of three wins or grand events. This year’s calendar presents a noteworthy nexus whereby Shabbos Vayigash is book-ended by the exhilaration of Chanukah (last Sunday) on the one end and the somberness of 10 Teves on the other (this...

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